The Recreational Soccer league run by NLSA is a volunteer driven program. As such we are constantly looking for people to help with the program.  There are many ways an individual can participate in the program, some of these are listed below:

Head Coach - Head Coaches are the engine that drives the Recreational program.  Without them, there would be no program.  The Head Coach is responsible for organizing the team on the field.  NLSA makes a strong effort to support our volunteer coaches by providing educational and instructional material on our website.  We have a Coach's Corner which provides a number of suggested drills and techniques for teaching soccer as well as tips on how to handle the rigors of coaching from A to Z.  We also provide mentorship to coaches who need just a little help getting their on their feet and off to the races.

Assistant Coach - Assistant Coaches are every bit as important as a Head Coach.  Many of our Head Coaches start out as Assistant Coaches and find that they would prefer to be the Head Coach in subsequent seasons.  The same resources are available to Assistant Coaches as Head Coaches and NLSA values them equally.

Team Parent - Team Parents organize the teams off the field.  From Picture Day and Snack Schedules to team news and notifications, Team Parents are the behind the scenes organizers that make everyone's season great.

Picnic/Awards Day - Do you want to help out, but don't feel like you can commit to a whole season?  NLSA has need for volunteers on Awards Day in the Fall and Picnic Day in the Spring.  You can help out by manning a consession stand for a few hours or preparing trophies for the players.  Contact the league secretary for details!