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Parent's Corner/FAQ



Question – What is the cost?

Answer – If you register on time, we charge $125 per child with a $300 family cap. Late registration, we charge $150 per child and no cap.

Question – What is included in the fees?

Answer – The following is included in this price. Referee fees, Uniform, Field maintenance, Trophy and Insurance.    

Question – Who runs the league?

Answer – The NLSA is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers.   

Question: I need to cancel/drop the program. Will I get a refund?

Answer – At the parents request, a refund shall be granted on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of refund. There will be a $25 cancellation/processing fee for all refunds. Additional uniform fee and trophy fee may be applied.  No refunds will be granted after the start of game play.  

Question – Who do I call with questions?

Answer - Email is the best option. Click on the 'About Us' tab at top of page and select a board member to email your questions.

Question – What day will my child play games?

Answer – Generally, we try to keep all games to Friday nights and Saturday during the day with most games occurring on Saturday. However, occasionally, we have to schedule a U12 or U15 game on a weekday Monday-Thursday, depending on the season. Some Sundays can be used if needed due to weather or special circumstances. 

Question - My child turned 5 after September 1st and wants to play Spring soccer. Can we register?

Answer – Unfortunately no.   Children must have turned 5 on or before September 1st and must be enrolled in Kindergarten.    Our insurance does not allow us to play children that do not meet these requirements.  But we do have a Little Feet program for children under 5. (here)

Question – When does the season start?

Answer – For the spring, practices will begin generally during the first week of April, with games starting the first week in May.  For the fall, practices will begin generally during the first week of August, with games starting shortly following Labor Day. Please note, the weather can impact the starting dates.

Question – How long will my child practice and how many times per week?

Answer – When the fields first become available, kids will have 1 one hour practice during the week and 1 one hour practice on Saturday.   Once the games begin, the Saturday practice will be dropped and you will only have 1 practice per week.

Question – I need to carpool with my neighbor or friend to get the children to practice, how can we  request to have them on the same team.

Answer – Unfortunately, we do not honor any requests for friends or neighbors to be on the same team.   While we recognize that this can be burdensome to families, this was a common excuse used in years past to try to get the same 5 or 6 kids or in some cases entire teams to be put together.    The ONLY way for children to be on the same team as their friend is if a parent from each player is willing to be a coach or an assistant coach.   

Question – I have my kids in multiple programs and am not sure which day they will be able to practice. If I have a conflict, can my child change teams?

Answer- Once the teams have been assigned and the uniforms have been ordered, we will not move the children off of a practice day. You are allowed at registration to select one day your child cannot practice.   That is the only request we will honor.   If you are unable to make other arrangements, we will refund your money minus a $25 processing fee. An additional uniform fee and trophy fee may also be added. 

Question – My child just got his or her ears pierced. Can they cover them up during games and practices so they can play?

Answer – No, they cannot. Absolutely no jewelry is allowed during practices or games.   The referees and coaches are told to look for this specifically at each practice and game.  If the coach or referee sees this, your child will be asked to remove the jewelry and will not be allowed to play until the jewelry is removed. This is for the safety of the players.  

Question – My child is a very good player and would benefit from moving up to play with older kids. Can we do this?

Answer- NLSA has a strict policy about children playing in their age group. We do not allow players to play up for any reason.



Required Equipment:

Soccer Ball, Shin Guards, Water Bottle, Safety Glasses (if needed). Designer wire frames have been known to cause serious injury.

Soccer Ball Sizes: U6, U7 & U8 Size 3, U10 & U12 Size 4 & U14 Size 5.

Recommended Equipment:

Soccer cleats/spikes. (No football or baseball cleats/spikes).

NLSA will supply jersey/shirt, shorts and soccer socks.

Sizing Info:

YXXS similar to 3-4;  YXS similar to 4-5;  YS similar to 5-6;  YM similar to 7-8;  YL similar to 10-12;  AS similar to 14-16

If you have ever been confused by the offside rule, please click here for an illustration of the rule.

This is an easy to follow video that you can review with your child to provide him or her with a better understanding of this complicated rule.